Are blocked stormwater drains giving you a headache?

Pipe Rescue are Brisbane’s drain cleaning and clearing specialists. We carry the latest high-pressure sewer and stormwater drain cleaning equipment to get your drain or toilet unblocked and flowing as it’s supposed to. Same day drain unblocking from Brisbane through to the Gold Coast? That’s us. We know that when something goes wrong with your drains, you want someone to take care of it as quickly as possible before the damage spreads.

We unclog and repair the blocked drains that others can’t.


We are the Brisbane-based blocked drain and high-pressure drain cleaners. If you’re under pressure to clean out a drain, or if tree roots have a stranglehold on your pipes and you need them cleared out in a hurry then give us a call today. We can have someone out unblocking your sewer or stormwater drain on the same day!

Our blocked drain plumbers & drain cleaners work on a wide range including cleaning clogged drains, clearing blockages, removing tree roots from pipes, and relining your drain to make sure it stays clear.


Pipe Rescue has a licensed team of Brisbane based drain unblocking specialists who possess a broad range of experience in everything from pipe relining to cleaning out blocked drains and toilets. Don’t get stuck with an obstructed drain – when you’re in a bad situation with a blocked pipe, reach out to Pipe Rescue. Our team can swiftly assess the issue can set it back to rights as soon as possible, meaning that you can get on with your day.

So call us now on 1300 783 858 and we’ll have a blocked drain specialist plumber out to you today.

Pipe Rescue -vs- The Other “Blocked Drain Specialists”

Pipe Rescue Plumbers A Plumbers B The “$90 special” guys
Initial quoted price $350 $340 $280 $90
Call out fee $0 $0 $40 $90
Time included 1hr 1hr 40 mins 15 minutes
Total cost
(based on 1hr job)
$350 $340 $320 $270
Includes Drain CCTV Inspection
(Footage provided)
Latest jetting equipment.
(not the old electric eels)
Can provide full written report
Can provide video footage
Can pipe reline
Guarantee 50 years* 6 weeks 1 month none

* When pipe is repaired with pipe relining solution.