The pipe is broken; it could be due to ground movement or another problem, however the most common cause we see is tree roots. They come in through joints in the pipe work seeking out nutrients and water needed for its own survival. The smallest gap or break in a pipe will allow hair like roots in, which will eventually grow into thick branches.


Using the latest in water jetting technology our 4000PSI drain clearing jetters are strong enough to cut through even the thickest tree roots that have found their way into your pipe. The jetters have a range of attachment heads used for different scenarios. We initially go down the drain with what is called a “penetrator” head. This makes a small hole allowing the built up water/sewerage to drain out thus allowing the CCTV pipe camera to inspect the drain.


Now that the built up water has drained away we can stick a CCTV drain camera into the pipe to inspect what is causing the blocked drain. The camera head is set to emit a frequency which allows a tool (called a sonde) to be used on the surface to locate the exact location and depth of the problem. If there are tree roots inside we attach a special cutting head, which in conjunction with the camera cuts out the roots in the exact location.


The liner is hand made to order with precision at our factory on the Gold Coast. Our ability to manufacture the product ourselves allows us to be provide custom made solutions for your needs. We can reline almost any surface, shape, size and length of pipe, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a 150mm fire service, 100mm clay storm water or 150mm plastic sewer; we can custom make the liner to suit the exact specifications of the host pipe. This is something we can do that others can’t.

Final touches on site.

The liner is first checked and tested for quality assurance. A rope is floated down the line to allow for the installers to pull the liner into place then a camera is pushed into place to allow us to ensure that the liner is where it should be. A “wet out” area is set up and materials and tools are put in place.

The liner meets its new home.

The epoxy resins are mixed and the liner is “wet out”. Using the ropes that are already in the line the installers pull the liner into the correct location and use the CCTV drain camera to verify it is place. Once the head installer is happy with the location and sitting of the liner the call is given to inflate the bladder, which makes the felt take shape of the host pipe.

The liner is left to cure.

The liner is left to cure until it is rock hard. The compressor is left on site during this time to ensure the line stays at the correct pressure and also as a safety precaution. During this time the resin gets very hot, this is all part of the chemical reaction that is taking place in the drain.

Job’s done!

The bladder that was used to inflate the wet liner is pulled out and the cured felt is left behind which is now the new pipe within the old pipe. Your drain is now sealed; stronger, safer and more efficient than it has ever been in its’ life. We give you a 40 year peace of mind guarantee on the liner installed that it will remain working for the years to come.


Pipe Rescue is a licensed team of drain unblocking experts who possess a broad range of experience in everything from pipe relining, clearing blocked drains, and unclogging toilets. Our team can quickly assess the issue and help get your pipes – and your day – back on track. You can reach out to us on 1300 783 858 and we’ll have a blocked drain specialist plumber out to you as soon as possible.