The Real Cost of Pipe Relining

If you’ve had a pipe or drain break, you might be considering getting your pipes relined while getting the damage repaired. So, what will it cost you? The short answer is, from $300 to over $1000 per metre, with additional Setup and Product Charges. The long answer is it’s going to depend on a number of factors.


What are the factors that affect the cost of pipe relining?

  • Size of pipe to be lined
  • Size of pipe to be lined
  • Location of the pipe being relined, eg inside a building or over a cliff.
  • Access to the pipe to be lined for vehicles, equipment etc.
  • Where the liner can be wet out. Power/water etc.
  • Points of access to the drain (1 upstream and 1 downstream is preferred)
  • Window of time to do work: night / day, and how long can the pipe be out of service?
  • Condition of the pipe being relined. What rehab work is required before re
  • Are there any special factors with the discharge to the drain? E.g. acidic/ high temperatures.
  • Smaller diameter pipes are riskier to line. The bigger the pipe the lower the risk


Basic rules for pipe relining

  • Where tree roots are involved, don’t just line the affected joint, line the entire section as the roots will grow down to the next joint and re-enter the pipe
  • The higher the risk of failure the higher the price.
  • If you can easily dig up or access the pipe then that is a better option

Will getting your pipes relined be worth the cost?

If it seems like too much of a fuss to get your pipes relined, ask yourself how much more inconvenient it might be when a pipe starts to leak and the plumbers tell  you they need to dig up your driveway, garden beds, or even your premises.

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Backed by Warranty

Pipe Rescue’s industry leading 50-year warranty is backed by our supplier of Epoxy-brand pipe liner, Nuflow Technologies, a highly-trusted name which continues to stand the test of time.

Pipe Lining -vs- Pipe Replacement

Here we compare a the differences between our patented pipe relining system, digging & other reline technology

Pipe RescueReplacment (aka digging)Generic Reline Technology
No Digging RequiredDown Stream Hole Required
Can Start/Stop Anywhere In Line
Can Reline BendsN/A
Can Reline JuncitonsN/A
Install TimeMost Jobs 1 DayWeeksMost Jobs 1 Day
Smallest Pipe Size That Can Be Repaired15mm (1/2″)Any Size100mm (4″)
Largest Pipe Size That Can Be Repaired1 MetreAny Size150mm (6″)
Warranty50 years*None10 Years*